Coming this August
Sweet Side Gig
Are you running your side business... and finding that are simply not enough hours in the day to do it?

THIS is the class you've been waiting for. It will save you time, and earn you more money. 

After teaching hundreds of people in the sweet food industry, we learned something. Turns out, there’s a whole lot of people who really don’t want to be the cheap cake lady, but they also don’t want some big business which potentially takes over their entire lives. They just want to run this as a side gig! 

Maybe you love your job and don’t want to give it up to do cake or cookies full time,

Or maybe you’re a parent and only want to make cookies and cake to keep you sane while the kids grow up. 

​​​​​​​Maybe this is a hobby for you, but it’s getting more expensive to buy all the cool baking toys you want, so you’ve got to work out how to make enough money from it to keep it going.

Or maybe, you’ve got big cake business dreams, but need to start a little smaller.

If any of those sound like you, are are running a side business. You are kinda stuck in the middle of wanting to run a totally legitimate business, but you don’t want to devote every single hour of your life to doing it.  In our industry, there’s no specific community for people who want to start and run a side business. This class is going to change that - and create a home for people exactly like you.

 Sweet Side Gig is a class and a community all rolled into one. Starting this August, you'll be able to learn from the best in the business how to:

  • Manage your time better, so you're not working 24/7 (and not having much to show for it)
  • Start working smarter, and earning more (so you're spending less time and earning more money)
  • Price your products in a simple, easy to understand way
  • Do enough marketing to get a steady stream of business - no more worrying about not enough orders!

This isn't some huge, big commitment class - we know your time is already short and precious. It isn't going to cost you a bomb either - we know a side gig business doesn't always have tons of money to spend. It's high quality information, presented in a fun and easy to understand way, designed to help you to run an awesome side business - without needing tons of time or money to make it happen. 

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Why Choose Us?
About Michelle and Sharon

Michelle Green and Sharon Wee are 2 business owners who between them have managed to grow their businesses to the point of full time income and then some. With more than 20 years experience between us, we have made and sold thousands of cakes, cupcakes, cookies and more for thousands of happy customers. We’ve had employees,  expanded our locations, been featured in major publications (both online and print), taught cake decorating locally and overseas, created and sold online classes and tutorials, and helped hundreds of business owners achieve their business dreams. We are also both Craftsy instructors.  

Michelle achieved her business success while parenting three kids, becoming a qualified pastry chef and owning a store front. Sharon achieved her success entirely from home and along the way became an internationally known and award winning cake decorator with hundreds of thousands of fans globally.  We’ve learned, seen, and achieved so much and yet we each did it in our own way. 

We actually owned (and Sharon still owns) a cake business in real life (not just online!) – businesses with real customers and real employees that existed in the real world. We bring that real life experience to this class. 

Michelle Green is the author of the Business of Baking blog, a weekly blog which inspires, educates and motivates bakers and decorators all over the world. She owned a bespoke cake company for over ten years – she was baking, decorating, teaching, mentoring other cake makers and growing her business.  She sold the business to enable her to write and teach full time and mentor other business owners on a global scale. She currently works as a consultant to a number of cake businesses and as a writer for the food/business industry.  She’s also a Craftsy instructor, and has her own series of online courses in pricing, marketing and more. She has been featured or written for a number of publications and websites. To learn more about Michelle, visit her blog.

Sharon Wee (of Sharon Wee Creations) is a cake artist residing in Sydney, Australia. She holds degrees in both media and marketing.After graduating she started her first corporate job and felt unfulfilled. It was then that she searched for a hobby to keep her busy. Since she always loved desserts and all things crafty, it seemed perfect when she stumbled upon a cake decorating class at a local community college. To date, Sharon’s creations have been on TV, in magazines, on the radio, and have won multiple online and show awards. Over the years, Sharon has managed to build a strong brand and international following for her work. This in turn has seen her teaching with Craftsy, releasing her own line of cutters and stencils, teaching around the world, selling PDF tutorials, and publishing two books on cake decorating.