Is your side business taking over your life?

Are you tired of competing with the cheap cake or cookie lady?

Do you want to make some money doing what you love (so you can keep doing it)?

If you answered YES to any of those, you need to hear more about Sweet Side Gig. It’s an online class and community designed for those of us who want to keep our businesses on the side (for now, or maybe forever) and make some money from it. 

1. Maybe you’ve got a day job you love... and you don’t want to leave it

2. Maybe you’re a parent... and need your main focus to be on family

3. Maybe you’ve got lots of hobbies and interests... and this is just one of them

4. Maybe you have no interest in making this a full time thing... but you’d still like things to run better.

Who Is This Class For?

Sweet Side Gig was created with YOU in mind. Not the lady down the road who sells something for nothing, not the person who has dreams of a franchise, not the person who charges only for ingredients (what is up with that?!), not the person with no kids and a wealthy partner who has all the time in the world and no need for the money. Nope. Not them. We created it for YOU - you with the busy life, you who would like to get some money out of this (for buying baking toys, adding to savings, family vacations, kids needs or even to occasionally treat yourself), you who is happy to have this thing be part time (not take up ALL your time), and you who wants to get some sleep once in a while.

To Do That, You Need:

Your TIME back - because right now, it’s all a little out of control. Not enough hours in the day!

More MONEY - because it doesn’t have to make millions, but it needs to bring in something, otherwise it’s not worth it

​Your SANITY back - because this small, fun thing has somehow become crazy-making

Your HAPPINESS - because when it became a business, suddenly some of the fun disappeared..and you’d like that sense of fun back.

​​​​​​​Some SPACE in which to make all the magic happen.

So... how can we help?

​​​​​​​Sweet Side Gig starts with a 6 week (only one hour a week) foundation class. You don’t need a hugely time consuming class - you need quick, to the point, effective ways to get your side business running like a well oiled machine. We cover pricing, marketing, time management, making the most out of a small space, having a life...AND we will give you cake/cookie/cupcake tutorials for products we know are quick to make and easy to sell. After that, we give you new content every month on more detailed topics - things like social media, running markets and events, and creating simple but effective websites. When you join Sweet Side Gig, you get the very best of business education PLUS a supportive community. 

ALL OF IT is designed to be quick, effective, and is geared towards working smarter, taking up less time and making you more money.




This online class and community is like no other one out there - NOBODY ELSE has created a class ESPECIALLY for side business people!

Sweet Side Gig is a monthly membership which includes:

 A 6 week “foundation” class which covers time management, pricing, marketing, managing a small space, having a life, and product tutorials - with daily live chats on Facebook during the first 4 weeks.

Monthly sweet treats - a new lesson released each month on more in depth topics like running events, getting better at social media, conducting tastings, surviving deliveries and so on.

Each class includes a video - high quality, short and to the point so you get the most value as quickly as possible.

Done for you downloadables - to help put into immediate action the things you learn in the videos.

Tutorials for cake, cupcake and cookie projects - designed to be quick to make, easy to sell, and have a high profit. Each tutorial also includes a materials sheet so you know what you need to have on hand.

A Facebook group for help and connecting with others

Monthly mini lesson and Q&A Facebook Lives so you can interact with us personally.

A documents and template library - we give you ready made examples of order forms, delivery forms, marketing plan templates and more! 

​​​​​​​Accountability - you get ongoing email access to help, others who are where you are at, and we keep you on track if you need a helping hand.

Special Bonus for Annual subscribers: Sign up for a year and you'll not only save every month, you'll also get a personalised one-on-one half hour Kickstart Consultation with Michelle or Sharon. Ask them questions about your side gig, talk through your plans or problems, and get started on the right track.

This is a ton of incredible value in one place - but not so huge or overwhelming that you feel like it’s too much to handle. It’s ALL designed with your side business in mind, so we make the most of your precious time.




Sweet Side Gig isn’t going to cost you a fortune each month, isn’t going to take a ton of time (it’s an hour a week of content, then an hour a month of content) and most of all: IT’S STRAIGHT TO THE POINT. We don’t talk about stuff which is irrelevant to a side gig, we don’t expect you to figure it all out yourself, we don’t bullshit you about how “easy and effortless” a business is, and we don’t try to give you more than you can handle in your (already busy) life. Instead we give you the skills and tools to get this side business of yours running way better - and that includes time management hacks, simple pricing structures, high value tutorials and more.


Jessica Kimble
If you EVER get the chance to take a class with Sharon Wee and Michelle Green, TAKE IT! They were awesome and sweet and funny and amazing. I am so thankful that I invested in myself in such a big way by taking their class when it was outside my comfort zone. Thanks so much for offering it and for being so real and honest with us.
Juliet Galea 

I’m so glad I took your class. I was swimming in complacency and your class smashed me into reality. 

Becky Taylor
Before coming to the class I was very close to giving up on my business after being majorly disappointed after my first few fairs. I felt like I couldn’t carry on and didn’t know how to reach my dream of getting my tearooms.  I learnt so much during the class, more than I could have imagined. 
Viviana Morales
How do we turn this cake hobby into a business and actually make money on it? Um, yeah. Well, let me just say ... I know a gal, actually two gals. And I love them both. And they're smart. And they've put together a workshop to answer this lingering question. I can vouch for both of them Michelle Green and Sharon Wee. The girls are for Realz. And they know their stuff.
Sara Shinnick
I just wanted to share this and say a big, massive, huge bear hug thanks to Michelle, Sharonn and the wonderful people in this group who continue to inspire me everyday.
Minh, Minh Cakes
I liked that you tailored the class contents to the participant’s needs. I appreciated very much all the research you had done, how well prepared you were and how you were willing to talk about the cake business. I liked that both of you came from two completely different business so that we had two different points of view. I was able to relate to both of you, which was great. For me it was a breath of fresh air, being able to communicate with you two, who have been in this market for years. 

per month


per year


Like you, Michelle Green and Sharon Wee started their own cake businesses from home, on their kitchen tables, making cake and cupcakes for family and friends. While we were having a ton of fun doing it, we both realised that if we wanted to continue to do what we loved to do, we needed to earn some money out of our side gigs!

In order to buy more cool cake toys and attend more classes, we had to learn more about how to run a business, not just how to make a sharp ganache edge. Over time our goals changed and what started as a side gig turned into full time businesses. Sharon achieved her success entirely from home and along the way became an internationally known and award winning cake decorator with hundreds of thousands of fans globally. Michelle achieved her business success while parenting three kids, becoming a qualified pastry chef and owning a store front. Both of us are now Craftsy instructors, and we teach people how to create the business they want - a side gig, a full time gig or beyond. We’ve learned, seen, and achieved so much and yet we each started with some simple things made from home (using stuff we bought from the supermarket.) We actually owned (and Sharon still owns) a cake business in real life (not just online!) – businesses with real customers and real employees that existed in the real world. We bring that real life experience to this class.

We can’t wait to help you work smarter and earn more!  See you soon!

Michelle and Sharon